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Applying to college is markedly different than it was 25 years ago. Schools that might have been considered “safety schools” when you were applying are now highly competitive schools. There are new decision plans, testing policies, application platforms, and definitions that require applicants to get organized early and approach the process methodically. Now, with social media, your high school students are seeing their peers’ acceptances in real time, adding even more anxiety to the process. You are probably seeing them as well on your own accounts, multiplying the stress. Beyond the obvious worry about your child “getting in,” there are other factors at play. Paying for college is likely the biggest financial decision you will make on behalf of your child, and you want the school to be both a great experience and a worthwhile investment. In addition, it is a time of transition for your family. Even though it might seem like your teenager can’t wait to get out of the house (and you might be ready to not-so-gently nudge him/her out as well), he/she is likely experiencing many conflicting feelings about leaving for college. It’s an emotional time for everyone, but it’s also essential to stay focused and have a positive dynamic in your house. I have the “distinct” advantage of being a parent (of teenagers no less) but not your child’s parent. I will make your child accountable for work products and deadlines so you don’t have to. I will be your touchstone throughout, and you will have my unwavering commitment and support as we go through this process together.
I can’t promise you zero stress as you go through the college process. However, I can promise that I will 
help to reduce your overall stress by getting you out 
in front of the process. Even before you apply, you will likely have questions about testing, course selection, extra-curriculars, how to spend your summers, and more. I can talk these things through with you and explore the tradeoffs of various options. When it comes time to develop your college list, I will help you narrow it down, plan your visits, and discuss how to make the visits productive. And when you put together your application, I will help you present yourself in the most thoughtful, personal, and compelling way possible. Throughout the process, I will: • Get to know your family and, most importantly, listen to what you want. • Teach you how to research all kinds of schools so you can truly understand what the schools offer beyond their names, football teams, and Greek life. • Create documents to keep you organized and set deadlines so you are finished with your applications well before the official deadlines. • Help you brainstorm your essays and supplements so you create genuine, thoughtful essays in your voice. • Check every word of your applications to make sure there are no errors and you don’t put the name of one college in the application for another school (yes, this happens more frequently than you think). • Text and email in real time to answer your questions and provide support, in addition to conducting in-person and facetime meetings.
I will be part coach, teacher, editor, confidante, cheerleader, buffer, and friend and will be with you every step of the way.


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Lynn Zerbib, College Counselor