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 “As a confident student and writer, I was initially wary of what value an outside-of- school counselor would add to my college process. Lynn surpassed my expectations in every way; her creative approach to the daunting task of essay writing consistently challenged me to improve my work and her meticulousness assured that my applications were pristine. Although I know I wasn't her only client, she made me feel as if I were, and her round- the-clock attention provided invaluable guidance that enabled me to complete my applications comfortably and efficiently.” - Westchester private school student, Princeton University “Thank you so much for all of your help. Thank you for spending hours editing my supplements. 
Thank you for answering my incessant texts and emails right away. Thank you for going above and beyond what
is required of a college coach. The writing process we 
went through was illuminating. Rarely do I have such opportunities to spend so much time reviewing my writing and there is no doubt I have learned more about revising. Decisions will come rolling in over the next few weeks and I will of course keep you posted. Either way, I know that I put in a really good effort and I couldn’t have done it without your help.” - Westchester student, Vanderbilt University "Lynn was incredibly helpful throughout my college application process, and her guidance and advice helped make a stressful time far more manageable. Her deadlines kept me on track and prevented me from procrastinating countless assignments. When my essays needed work, she was never shy with her edits, and her suggestions made my essays more personal and on-topic. I was also grateful that whenever I had a question, no matter how small, Lynn responded quickly and with detail and attention. I’m not sure how I would’ve done it without Lynn, and I’m extremely thankful for her help.” -Student, Mamaroneck High School,
Duke University “I cannot imagine having gone through this process without Lynn. From the moment we started working together, Lynn was available to answer my millions of questions and guide me through my doubts and concerns. She was always available to read the seemingly innumerable drafts of my Common App essay as well as my supplements. She was never more than a text, phone call, or email away, and always got back to me quickly with essay edits, logistical questions, or questions about colleges I was considering. As someone who was very nervous and insecure about the various components of the college process, I am so fortunate to have had Lynn to help me through every step.” - Westchester student, 
Harvard University “I couldn’t be happier to be attending my dream school, and I owe a lot of it to Lynn. Her support and guidance throughout the process allowed me to feel confident about each decision I made. Each time I met with her, I felt that my essays became stronger and more concise. I entered my senior year with all of my college essays being finished due to Lynn’s rapid turnaround skills and very effective communication methods. Working with Lynn did not only improve my college essays but also made me a better writer. Lynn made the college process very manageable and helped to alleviate a lot of the stress surrounding senior year. I appreciate everything she has done for me!” - Westchester student, 
DUKE UNIVERSITY “Thank you very much for all your help with the college application process. I am the first generation in my family to attend college, so the college application process was very confusing for me and my family. I really appreciate all the time you spent helping me every step of the way - from deciding which colleges to apply to, to helping me complete the applications, to helping me understand the costs and the choices I had. I am very excited to be attending SUNY Cortland! What Lynn did for me was amazing and I am forever grateful to her.” - Felipe Danza, Rye Neck High School, 
SUNY Cortland “I decided on Northeastern! I’m so happy and so excited and I truly believe it all worked out the way it was meant to. I can’t thank you enough for all your help throughout the entire process. It’s been a long time coming, but I finally know where I want to go to college and I owe so much of that to you. Really and truly thank you so much. All your support has been invaluable and because of it I can be proud of where I’m headed and excited for what’s to come in the future.” - Sophia, The Ursuline School,
Northeastern Honors “Thank you so much for all of your help and support throughout my college process. I am beyond excited to move on to Cornell University and I appreciate all of your work and advice. Thanks again!” -Westchester private school student, 
Cornell University “Working with Lynn throughout the college process was an absolute pleasure. Her rapid communication and quick turnaround ameliorated the stress from essay/supplement writing exponentially. While my peers were struggling to come up with an essay topic at the beginning of senior year, I was already way ahead of the game and had an advantage with my finished essay and a well-scheduled college timeline. Lynn's experience pointed me in all the right directions, and I couldn't have asked for a better coach. I would highly recommend her guidance to any high school junior/senior.” - David, New Rochelle High School, University of Maryland Business School and Honors College “I don’t know how I would have gotten this far without your help. I’m ecstatic having two incredible options of Penn and Columbia. I think it really was my essays, because no one else that I know of got in. I know most people don’t invest as much time as you did with me over the whole school year, emailing all day every day to get the best possible essays. I want you to know I really, really appreciate your help and I still find it hard to believe that I got in.” - David, Briarcliff High School, Columbia University “I was so lucky to be able to have Lynn 
help me through the college application process. She provided me with much needed support and advised me well on everything from which schools to visit to how to improve my "Why UPenn?" essay. She helped me come up with a list of schools that I was truly excited to apply to and helped me personalize my school-specific essays. Lynn certainly made the college application process manageable and less stressful for me-- I honestly don't how my mother or I would have gotten through those difficult months without her!” - Kathleen, Mamaroneck High School, University of Pennsylvania “The college application process is a very stressful and daunting one. In my case, it was particularly difficult because my parents did not go to college (undergraduate) in this country, so they did not have a firsthand experience of what was involved. It was new to them. Enter Lynn Zerbib! Lynn made the process very manageable. She came in with a plan which we followed throughout the application process. She was more than 100% invested in the process. She guided me in the right direction, and always made sure my essays and supplements were well written and thoroughly reviewed before being sent off to my colleges. Lynn also developed a great relationship with my parents and kept them informed of the whole process. Under the capable wings of Lynn, Alex and the Breakaway family, I was accepted into my first choice college. I will forever be grateful to her and cannot thank her enough for how much time she invested in making sure I went to my school of choice. Lynn, my freshman brother has you booked for 2019!” - Myles, Fordham Prep, Boston College “Lynn helped me navigate through the complicated college process with ease. She made one of the most stressful points in my high school career simple and easy whether she was editing my essays, helping with the Common App, or just giving general advice on how to be most successful with my top choice schools. I’m not sure how I would have done without Lynn’s help, but I am incredibly grateful she helped to guide me and helped me to get me the results I wanted.” - Ben, Rye High School, Bentley University


“At every step of the process - from formulating a sensible list, to brainstorming and editing essays, 
to providing reassurance during the waiting period - Lynn's insight, advice and expertise were invaluable. The best moment, of course, was texting her with the results - admission to Michigan, Cornell, Penn, Dartmouth, Williams, Duke, Columbia and Princeton.” - Mother of Westchester private school student, Princeton University “Thank you for all of your help!! You are outstanding! We could not have done this without all of the help and support you gave our daughter. We couldn’t be more delighted. She put in all the hard work, played by the rules, and pulled this off! But it wouldn’t have happened without you by her side. We have been so very fortunate to have met you and worked with you. We can’t thank you enough. As you know, Duke had been her dream school since she entered high school. You helped her make this dream come true! We really appreciate all of it!! - Parents of Westchester student, 
Duke University “Lynn was the perfect-fit college counselor for each of my girls and for me! Probably needless to say, the idea of 18 applications was daunting. In addition to the Common App and supplements for each school, the girls were applying to some special programs with additional essays and I was intent on their all being completed and submitted before hearing from early decision to avoid a stress-filled winter break. It turned out both of my seniors were accepted to their first choice! The girls got it all done without any overwhelm, and Lynn played a big role in that for them and for me. She kept the process on track without any feeling of pressure, and always being sensitive to all of the girls’ many other academic and extracurricular commitments. She turned essays around in lightening speed. She gave easy, hard “no”s when a total redo was warranted without sugarcoating. She let the girls lead and filled in exactly where and when we needed her to. It was all just-right.” - Parent of twins, Mamaroneck High School, University of Pennsylvania and Duke University “Lynn made the difficult college process easy and fun. She helped direct and guide Sofie in the right direction, and made sure everything was done on time and correct. Sofie would look forward to meeting with and working with Lynn. I highly recommend her to anyone entering the college process, and we are very excited for Sofie’s acceptance to Cornell University Early Decision!” - Alice, Mother of Sofie, The Bronx High School of Science, Cornell University “The whole family appreciated Lynn’s support and guidance through the college process. It was very comforting to have her with us. She organized all the details, kept on top of dates and deadlines and gave us sound and thoughtful advice. The process was always collaborative and Lynn really took the time to understand my daughter so that her personality came through in her applications. It was clear that she genuinely cared about my daughter’s success and her expertise was invaluable in reducing our stress levels throughout. As my next daughter begins the process, we will be calling Lynn again.” - Jill, Mother of Isabel, Mamaroneck High School, Colgate University “I cannot thank you enough for the guidance you provided EJ. We are thrilled with his acceptance to Tufts and I know your hours of editing and advice really strengthened his application. I cannot put into words how happy we are. We look forward to introducing you to our younger son next year at this time!” - Diane, Mother of E.J., Mamaroneck High School, Tufts University “Thank you Lynn Zerbib for helping my son Caleb get into the college of his choice. You motivated him to get organized and meet deadlines, taking so much stress out of the process. You guided him in submitting an application that represented his best self. Most importantly, you listened to him and seemed to 
really understand what he was looking for in a college, helping us target the right schools. It was a pleasure to work with you.” - Lynn, Mother of Caleb, Croton High School, University of Vermont “Initially unsure about what value a college counselor could add to the process, Lynn Zerbib made a believer out of both my daughter and me. By being reassuring yet realistic, Lynn made us confident that the list she and my daughter drafted would result in admission to one or more of the institutions she wanted to attend. Lynn's advice on the best approach to the essays and short answer questions proved invaluable; her encouragement and editing ensured that everything was completed well in advance of the deadlines. Perhaps Lynn's greatest attribute as an advisor to teenagers and their parents through a stressful process is her calm yet confident demeanor. She always kept my daughter relaxed and on track, while making my husband and me feel that she was in knowledgeable, capable hands. She has our highest recommendation, and we will absolutely seek her out for guidance when our other children begin the college admissions process.” - Mother of Westchester private school student, Princeton University “My daughter and I were very fortunate to work with Lynn Zerbib. She guided us throughout the entire college application process. The amount of knowledge and patience she brought to each session was amazing. She was calm, very organized and encouraged my daughter to aim higher in her college selection. My daughter considered applying to schools with LD programs. Lynn researched and brought a number of schools to light that offer specialized programs. My daughter was required to write numerous essays as many of these schools had a dual application process. Lynn was able to break it down and keep my daughter focused and motivated throughout enabling her to meet all deadlines with minimal stress. The outcome was that she ended up with numerous great schools to choose from. The amount of extra effort and service Lynn offered in the form of e-mails (with tips on everything from college essays to financial aid) and phone calls and texts to and from my daughter was extraordinary. We will definitely be using her services again for our sophomore.” - Eileen, Mother of New Rochelle High School student, University of Delaware “Thank you, Lynn. We are very excited for him. Thank you so much for all of your help - this wouldn't have happened without your guidance and your direction. We appreciate your dedication and are thrilled with the result. We'll reach out again in a couple of years.” - Father of New Rochelle High School student Columbia University “I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help. The essay was clearly the hardest part of this process and your help with ideas, keeping him focused and bringing his essays together was invaluable.” - Father of Mamaroneck High School student, Colgate University “Lynn took all the stress (well, most of the stress!) out of the college application process for us. We knew our son wanted to apply ED to one school, EA to multiple schools, and regular decision to the rest of his list. It was his goal to have the Common App, his main essay and all of his supplemental essays written over the summer. After all the test prep junior year entails, he did not want his senior year to be burdened with college application stress. I knew that left to his own devices, or with my nagging, he would most likely procrastinate, not achieve his goal, and it would not be good for our relationship. We were so fortunate to find Lynn. Her calming demeanor and knowledge of the application process put us all at ease. She created a spreadsheet for my son with deadlines, gave him a structure to work within, and got him writing. He enjoyed his sessions with Lynn, was completely at ease with her, and was totally motivated to meet his deadlines. He was able to use his free time over the summer to get virtually all of his applications completed, and I had total confidence that he was putting his best work forward under Lynn’s guidance and review. My son started his senior year confident, relaxed, and oh so happy that his applications were done. We were all absolutely thrilled when his Early Decision acceptance arrived, and Lynn was our first call! She truly added immeasurable value to the college application process for us, removed so much of the stress, and we look forward to working with her again when it is my daughter’s turn to apply to colleges.” - Parents of Ben, Rye High School, Bentley University





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